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SolarWinds Says Unknown Hackers Exploited Newly Discovered Software Flaw

SolarWinds software firm says that unknown hackers exploited a previously unknown flaw in two of its programmes to go after “a limited, targeted set of customers.” The statement, issued over the weekend, did not identify the hackers involved. In a question-and-answer page appended to the statement, SolarWinds said the flaw was “completely unrelated” to last […]

Amazon Challenge to $10-Billion JEDI Cloud Contract Ended by US Judge After Pentagon Cancellation

A US judge on Friday dismissed Amazon.com’s legal challenge to the Defense Department’s 2019 decision to award a $10 billion JEDI cloud-computing project to rival Microsoft Corp after the Pentagon canceled the contract. Amazon had accused then-President Donald Trump, alleging that the former president exerted improper pressure on military officials to steer the contract away from […]

US President Joe Biden Tells Vladimir Putin Russia Must Crack Down on Cybercriminals

President Joe Biden has told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call that he must “take action” against cybercriminals acting in his country and that the US reserves the right to “defend its people and its critical infrastructure” from future attacks. the White House said. The warning to Putin on Friday was largely a repetition […]

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